Ruby Target Savings

Piggy Bank Target Savings Solution

Ruby Target Savings (Smart Saver) is a Piggy Bank Target Savings Solution Designed To Help You Inculcate A Savings Habits for Daily, Weekly or Monthly Tenured Savings at 20% Flat Interest Per Annum

For Instance, If You Save N1,000 Daily For One Year Which is N365,000, You Enjoy 20% Interest at the End of the Tenor  Which is N73,000 Making a Total of N438,000; This is Because When Others Takes From You, We Actually Give Back to You to Enable You Achieve Your Financial Dreams in a Timely Manner.




• Start a Daily, Weekly or Monthly Target Savings Plan with Any Amount to Earn 20% Interest Flat Per Annum
• Choose your preferred Daily, Weekly or monthly contribution of N1,000, N5,000, 10,000, 20,000 or Any Amount
• Complete the Form to Open a Ruby Account Today
• Make Bank Transfer, Use POS or Issue Cheque in Favour of Blue Diamonds
• Save Your Chosen Amount Consistently for 12 months
• Highly Competitive Interest Rate at 20% Per Annum if You Consistently Meet Your Savings Contribution Every Quarter
• Achieve Your Tenured Savings Target With Ease of Mind

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